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polar_sea's Journal

As if some little Arctic flower upon the polar hem
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My name is forceiswithyou. I'm a girl interested in everything. I would love for us to be friendly and I hope you enjoy the graphics you find here!

I'll make graphics of anything that strikes me as fantastic. I suppose you can expect to see Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, 30 Days of Night, Harry Potter, Marie Antoinette, Supernatural, Lost, everything Bollywood, Don Bluth, Disney, Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare and other things with some regularity. The works of Tolkien; some stock; lots of animation; Tim Burton's and other filmmakers' work... there really is just no definite list or limit.

the blue ice
Please, feel free to JOIN or WATCH the community (joining will ensure access to special and request posts). There is a simple list of rules HERE, but at its heart it simply says: Do not hotlink. Do not alter. Please credit. Please comment. Please enjoy!

wheat in the snow
Credit to the profile layout goes to refuted; for the journal layout, to daemon at spire; a resources list can be found HERE.

AFFILIATES: lasirius a_curst_shrew oltha_heri risque_graphics je_stillness

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100x100, 30 days of night, 300, aamir khan, abishek bachchan, acting, aishwarya rai, ajay devgan, aladdin, amitabh bachchan, androids, animation, anton yelchin, avatars, bbc, beauty and the beast, bollywood, brian austin green, bruce willis, bryce dallas howard, cameron, chris pine, christian bale, city of ember, costume drama, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dancing, daniel radcliffe, darth vader, dean winchester, derek reese, design, dharmendra, disney, dollhouse, don bluth, emily browning, emma watson, ewan mcgreggor, film, firefly, fushigi yugi, fushigi yuugi, graphics, han, han solo, harry potter, hayden christiansen, headers, hermione granger, hrithik roshan, icons, interview with the vampire, irfan khan, james cameron, jane austen, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, john connor, johnny depp, joss whedon, karl urban, keira knightley, kirsten dunst, leia, leia organa, lena headey, lost, luke skywalker, madhubala, madhuri dixit, marie antoinette, movies, natalie portman, neil gaiman, north and south, obama, orlando bloom, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pocahontas, post-apocalyptic, preity zinta, pride and prejudice, ridley scott, rob pattinson, robert pattinson, robots, ron weasley, rpattz, rumiko takahashi, sam winchester, sarah connor, sci fi, science fiction, shahruhk khan, shakespeare, sholay, sofia coppola, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek reboot, star trek tos, star trek xi, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stock, summer glau, supernatural, television, terminator, terminator salvation, the city of ember, the duchess, the fifth element, the sarah connor chronicles, the tudors, thomas dekker, tscc, tv, twilight, userpics, vampire chronicles, vyjayanthimala, waheeda rehman, wall-e, yuu watase, zachary quinto